It is very simple. The contests are ordered by importance in the world and area, number of samples, number of countries and impact in major consuming areas of the world.
Each contest has a score, with Mario Solinas number 1, (10) points. Then the remaining contests have the following scores:

  • 10.00 (1 contest)
  • 9.00 (4 contest)
  • 7.50 (5 contests)
  • 7.00 (2 competitions)
  • 6.50 (7 contests)
  • 6.00 (5 contests)
  • 5.00 (6 contests)

Each award level is equal in all contests.

  • The first places have 8.00 points or equivalent
  • The second place 6.50
  • The third level 5.00
  • And the following levels go down by 1 point each.
  • The "Special awards give one (1) additional point.

Then, the score of the contest is multiplied by the score of the award and so the final result of the score obtained by each EVOO in each competition and these scores are added to the scores obtained by the same EVOO in other contests is obtained. Thus the total score of the year is obtained.

The Awards EVOO of the Year - AOVE del Año, are obtained with 160 accumulated points, and certificate that is printed from the Internet and could be used freely granted.

Each year, in advance, the scores that gives everyone in your area of the world known.


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