About Ranking

The EVOO World Ranking (AOVE World Ranking) was created to promote world's best EVOO (AOVE), a global consumer.

Winners here are the best EVOO (AOVE), who participated in the world in the 31 competitions held in 2015. Not included in this classification, publication of books or magazines. Only the International Competitions are included.

The competitions are classified by continent and country, with the Mario Solinas from COI, is the most important. Also rotated by continent (or sub area of the world) and number of samples and participating countries.

They reward the EVOO (AOVE) and is awarded EVOO of the Year 2015 - AOVE del aņo 2015 and only reach this award to EVOO (AOVE) exceeding 160 points. (See detail in Methodology)

This lets you know that EVOO or AOVE are the best in the world, and also the best societies, the best varietal or type and that part of the world are. Three years ago this World Ranking WAWWJ prepares to communicate to consumers the quality of ONLY THE BEST EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL